System Installation

water purification company shawboro nc

Set up a water purification system installation in Chesapeake, VA, Shawboro, Hampton Roads, Elizabeth City, NC & Northeastern NC or the vicinity

Drink to Your Health After Purifying Your Tap Water

After arranging for a water purification system installation, pouring yourself a glass of fresh, clean water could be as simple as turning on the tap. You won't have to rely on bottled water or refill water pitchers - your clean water supply will be limitless. SWS We Fix Water of Shawboro, Elizabeth City, NC & Chesapeake, VA can install your choice of water purification systems to make your life easier.

We offer...

  • Water softeners to eliminate hard water
  • Drinking water filters to remove harmful contaminants
  • Sulfur filters to remove foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide
  • Jug-free water coolers to provide your employees with hot and cold water


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water purification company shawboro nc

Providing safe water to clients for over 20 years

SWS We Fix Water is licensed to provide drinking water filter installation services to residential, commercial and military clients. Although we're based in Shawboro and we serve clients as far south as Hatteras and as far north as Williamsburg, VA.

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